Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore Fills in the Gaps for Perplexed Fans


Tales_of_trenzaloreFor those Doctor Who fans who were perplexed about what exactly happened to the Doctor during his tenure in the town of Christmas on the planet of Trenzalore, there is hope. The book Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore answers a few questions as to what exactly the Eleventh Doctor was doing for hundreds of years on the planet. Living in the town Clocktower, the Doctor is known as a protector of the town and often tells his stories to the local townspeople during celebrations. Included in this collection are four short stories, one each by Justin Richards, George Mann, Paul Finch and Mark Morris. They classic villans such as the Ice Warriors and the plant-like Krynoids.  All the Doctor knows is he is destined to die on Trenzalore, and must constantly question if today is the day he ends.

Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore is a quick read. All the short stories are well constructed and keep the enjoyable flow and dramatic tension of the television program. George Mann’s story, An Apple a Day, is perhaps my favorite of the collection. It focuses on Krynoids who attempt to take over the tiny town of Christmas.

While the Christmas Special may have been rushed, Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore takes it’s time and fills in many gaps that Steven Moffat left behind.  The book is a great collection to fill in the gaps before the next Doctor takes to the screen later this year.

Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore is now available.


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