Dr. Strange Gets a Director


drstrangeWriter/director Scott Derrickson is the newest addition to the Marvel Universe as it has been confirmed he will be helming the Phase Three offering, Dr. Strange.  Derrickson is well-known for such spine-chilling titles as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister, and the upcoming “Deliver Us From Evil,” due out July 2. As his niche seems to be horror, it is definitely an interesting pick, but who else would be able to tackle the Master of the Mystic Arts than someone already spending his day-to-day in paranormal thrillers?

Dr. Strange is a personal favorite of Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige, so it comes as no surprise he would want to bring this occult scholar to the big screen. What is great about the character is that he can be introduced pretty independently, as he is a great standalone character, but will that harm or help the good doctor? The comic follows the adventures of Stephen Strange, a sometimes ally of the Avengers. Both a medical doctor and sorcerer, he uses his vast knowledge of the occult and magic to thwart his foes. These include but are not limited to the dark sorcerer Karl Mordo and Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension.


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