Gettin’ Loki: Tour, Interrupted

We were supposed to be in Louisville on Monday.  We didn’t get there on Monday.
The “Polar Vortex” cancelled our flight and we were stranded in Boston until Wednesday with no luggage, as somehow our bags got a flight to Louisville but we didn’t.  Had to cancel our Tuesday show.  A “Polar Vortex.”  I wonder what kind of an Ice Giant from Jotunheim could have pulled THAT off.  *annoyed glare at the nugget on my nightstand*
Look at him, acting all innocent and shit…
Anyway, we had an unexpected few days off.  Which actually, besides the temperature being in single digits, was quite bomb.
Article 1: We got to stay in the snazziest, super haunted hotel, the Omni Parker House.
No joke.  Seriously haunted yall.  Floors 3 & 10 were the most famous for it, (go look it up, very cool stories,) but I was on the 5th floor and even had some craziness go down.  Not to mention the bed was like sleeping on angel bosoms.  ESPECIALLY after the block of wood that gave me bruises for a week in Worcester.
Article 2: Boston. Is. Beautiful.

Seriously breathtaking.  It’s like taking a step into Colonial America and chilling in a metro, cool-as-shit city all at once.  You feel the energy of all that has taken place here, all around you, and the people are even more no nonsense than in New York, so step lively and watch your P’s and Q’s, people.
But honestly, as confusing as getting around the city is for me as it is a city that has built upon itself a hundred times over, I would love to visit this place when I had more time (and a little higher temperature,) to explore.  I wanted to go on the Freedom Trail, but it was just way, way too cold.  I did visit the place where the Boston Tea Party was born though, and that was…there are simply no words.
Article 3 of why Boston was Awesome: CUPCAKES.
And not just any cupcakes.  These were cupcakes made by Jesus upon the Mount.  I don’t even have that much of a sweet tooth, even these cute mini ones from Cakeology took me a day and half to finish, but GOD.  The favorite of this trip was the one in the middle, which is Earl Grey and Honey, (no joke.)  The other two were Salted Caramel and Smores.  Loki liked the Smores…
A lot.
The other place I visited was called Sweet.  I was told they had a Snickerdoodle cupcake, which sounded insane, and indeed it was.  But the winner of this trip was the Bananas Foster.  I mean…come on.
Finally, we hopped on a plane at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning and made it to Louisville.
It took 3 days, 2 planes, 1 bus driver who thought he was a tour guide that needed to shout his insights to the back of the bus.  But we made it.


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