John Barrowman to Release New Album, Offers Fans Special Bonuses


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Whether you came to know him as Captain Jack on Doctor Who or Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow, John Barrowman is a Prince in the Geek Universe and the obsession of many a Fangirl. However, it isn’t only his acting ability that has brought the man acclaim. John Barrowman also has a passion for singing and showtunes, and is currently looking to release his next album, You Raise Me Up.

Preorders of the album are available now, and for those who have a special love for Barrowman many extras are available for signing up for it now. This includes autographed pictures and even clothing worn by Barrowman. The album will be released early to these fans as well.

All early pledges must be in before the special early release date of the album, June 30, 2014.

You can pledge and preorder here.


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