Doctor Who: The Bog Warrior is a Time Trip Worth Taking


DrWho-TheBogWarrior_zps0f901843Doctor Who: The Bog Warrior is one of the short stories available online known as Time Trips. These quick reads are structured much like an episode of Doctor Who and are easily fit into the busy schedules of fans of the British Sci-Fi classic. The Tenth Doctor lands smack dab in the middle of a political crisis. Princess Ash, a deposed royal, is rushing to get to a masquerade ball where all the major players are named for an element. Prince Zircon must choose a bride from the ladies present, but is intended to pick a woman from the Bog People in order to prevent war. The bog people, though masked, are reanimated corpses from the Bogs of the land. Zircon defies his orders and chooses Ash, his secret love. The act is seen as a sign of defiance. The Tenth Doctor must save the day and work out the political and war struggles of two cultures so that Zircon and Ash can come together in a land of peace.

Cecelia Ahern is best known for her book PS I Love You, which reached major acclaim and became a movie. Doctor Who: The Bog Warrior is a much shorter story, allowing the reader to take a Time Trip and finish it quickly.  The story feels like an adaptation of Cinderella with a much darker concept of the wicked stepsisters. The Bog Warriors are a very uncomfortable concept. Who wants to marry a reanimated bog corpse?

  Doctor Who: The Bog Warrior gives the Tenth Doctor another adventure and a chance for Doctor Who fans to relive his creativity and enjoyable personality. With a recognizable author and a short time devotion, The Bog Warrior is a Time Trip happily taken.

Doctor Who: The Bog Warrior is available online as part of the Time Trips Series.


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