In Your Eyes


in your eyes posterWhat if you could see through the eyes of another person? In Your Eyes, written by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly) and directed by Brin Hill, sets out to explain just that scenario. Dylan, a misunderstood con in New Mexico, is working desperately to keep a job and turn his life around after a job goes wrong with some of his childhood friends. He tries to keep to himself and stay out of trouble, but like so many Whedon male figures, trouble keeps finding him. Rebecca is the tediously bored wife of a doctor in New Hampshire and seeks some relief from her husband’s overbearing nature and the tedium of being a beautiful yet semi-abandoned housewife. When Dylan is hit with a pool cue at a bar in New Mexico, Rebecca falls of a couch at a dinner party in New Hampshire. The two accidentally discover the day after that they are able to communicate with each other and see through the eyes of the other. Rebecca and Dylan work together to repair the broken parts of their lives, move away from their pasts and form a metaphysical romance.
The concept of In Your Eyes is deeply interesting, but sadly the story itself falls flat after the creative introduction of the characters; Think Nicholas Sparks book meets every unfortunate Joss Whedon love concept. Much of the film is told in segments where the two are talking to each while in separate time zones. The scene feature each character in a separate rooms making it difficult to feel the deep connection they both continually profess to have for one another. While Dylan and Rebecca are so excited to talk to each other, much of the dialogue fills in a back story that often times seems more like a trip to a therapist’s office than a romance film.
In Your Eyes is most certainly a creative premise and a cute film for viewers who like romance. The characters are lovable, but fall into the same character personalities we’ve seen from Whedon in the past. Fans of banter-based films will deeply enjoy Joss Whedon’s familiar wordplay.  The film is currently available only through the platform Vimeo.

In Your Eyes – Trailer from Bellwether Pictures on Vimeo.



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