Phoenix Comic Con 2014: Day One


Phoenix Comic Con has gone from a tiny community con to something that rivals the big boys in New York and San Diego. With expected attendance this year estimated to be between 80,000-100,000 people, the convention now spans four separate buildings at the Phoenix convention center, as well as an entire gaming center in the Hyatt across the street.

Day one was a bit rough for registration this year for fans arriving the first day. With a staff overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people arriving on a Thursday and the lack of any solid line structure, it was hard not to feel a little miffed while waiting in line for passes or getting shifted to your third line just to pick up the pass. Add into this the scorching Phoenix weather and you get a group of cosplayers ready to pass out with frowny faces.

Cosplay is one of the greatest strengths of Phoenix Comic Con. In point of opinion, they are just plain creatively good for the most part. Baby stormtroopers with a sign declaring “I know I’m a little short to be a stormtrooper” to an incredibly strong She-Ra reproduction make even the most jaded of Con-goers giddy for just a minute.

If you’re just getting in for the second day, be warned. It is hot, there are lines and if you have social anxiety of any kid, come prepared to test your limits. The big panels you want to see will be packed.

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