Phoenix Comic Con: Day 2


Day Two of Phoenix Comic Con started with the ominous feeling that there were even more people than the previous day. Thanks to local eateries like Steve’s and Hero Factory (of which proprietor Nicole is amazing!), special discounts and enjoyable meals were found far cheaper than the Con floor.

Panels were packed and lines were the name of the game. Due to fire code, many of these lines had to be cut and people were told to come back when they died down. This was prevalent nowhere more than the photo opp areas with celebrities. Fans with purchased opportunities found themselves having to come back two or three times before being able to get in line for something they had paid for.

Still, it was not all frustration on the Con floor. Mark Sheppard held a hilarious and sarcastic panel on his many roles and Richard Dean Anderson lovingly answered questions on everything from Stargate to Magyver.

The Cosplayers were out in droves, with many examples in the gallery below. Remember to follow us on twitter @FGNMag  or via Instagram @FGNMagazine


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