Heather Miodrag Takes a Scholarly Look at the Language of Comics


cover30523-mediumAs school closes out for the summer, studious readers may find themselves  longing for educated mental stimulation. Comics and Language: Reimagining Critical Discourse on the Form from the University of Mississippi Press may be able to fill that longing for textbooks and the discourse of research. Heather Miodrag’s new book takes a look at how studying comics can be both assisted and harmed by a linguistic view. It challenges current views on the comic medium and argues against a traditional view of words simply existing to tell the story of the images they accompany. Classic comics such as Krazy Kat, are examined in intricate detail to discover the power or language in a medium normally seen mostly for it’s visual nature. The comic books in question are not commonly read, except perhaps the few Alan Moore graphic novels referenced as an example. This book is not a beach read or a novel that can be easily flipped through; this is very much a scholarly argument. Comics and Language is a serious and well researched discussion on the way words and images are viewed in the medium of the comic book. Approach with caution and an open mind.

Comics and Language is available August 6th from the University of Mississippi Press.


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