Women Destroy Science Fiction in the Best Possible Way


lightspeed-magazine-issue-49-women-destroy-science-fiction-special-issue-coverIf you’ve ever been on the Internet for a prolonged period of time, shuffled through the Sci-Fi section at the local book store or sauntered through a comic book shop you have likely heard the grumbles of men (and some women) complaining that women do not write Science Fiction. Women have been made to feel unwelcome, as if we are a separate subgroup but not actually part of the club. And then on one bright beautiful day Lightspeed Guest Editor Christie Yant had enough. With a quick tweet she asked the world to join her and the literary magazine Lightspeed to step up and “destroy science fiction” with her. Soon, a Kickstarter was created and nearly three thousand people backed it.

Assembling a team of editors, Yant helped gather together some of the strongest voices in Science Fiction and put them to work. The special issue of Lightspeed grew and grew until Women Destroy Science Fiction was born. Filled with beautifully crafted Science Fiction stories, original artwork, and interviews the book is loaded with content and though-provoking materials. When all was said and done 109 separate women created the special issue of Lightspeed.

The stories are well written and cover a wide variety of the Science Fiction genre, as well as many of it’s subgenres. From a story about the head of the Universe eating pieces of a black hole with her ex-husband to a world where women receive surgery to become an elite fighting team of fishwomen to defend their country, the book is loaded with stories that are not only powerful but often offer cleverly hidden social commentary.

The book is not only short stories, but also clever essays on writing Science Fiction and being a woman in a genre that is not too terrible kind to the female of the human species. Interviews with creators such as Kelly Sue DeConnick show just what goes on behind the scenes in publishing and comic book creation.

Women Destroy Science Fiction is beautiful and thought provoking. The book is available in all e-book formats and also in paperback.



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