Manifest Destiny #7 is Not Your US History Book


STK641969Image Comics brings us an exciting alternate history look at the Lewis and Clark expedition with Manifest Destiny #7. Written by Chris Dingress, the comic follows the pair and their crew of dangerous, yet misunderstood, men and women as they explore America. However, in the wilds of America they
encounter creatures unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Chris Dingress masters character dialog and scene setting in writing that sounds like a page from
an historical record.

The imaginative writing of the comic is matched well by the art, inked by Matthew Roberts and colored by Owen Gieni. The style gives the comic a historical feel with muted tones and sketchy lines while still being
subtle. The background work is amazing, showing a new side of the American wilds.

Finishing up its previous arch, Manifest Destiny #7 follows the expedition
as they float down river following a disastrous event. The crew are tired
but are making the most of the situation at hand. Unfortunately, there is
conflict aboard as someone gets a little too curious about the official
record of the expedition. Before they can fully resolve that issue, the
ship is stuck on something underneath the water, something they have
encountered before.

Manifest Destiny #7 is available 6/11 from Image Comics.STK6419690


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