Bee and Puppy Cat #2: Snowglobes and QR Codes


BeePuppyCat_02_coverABee and Puppy Cat #2 from BOOM! hits shelves with innovation and interaction. Still broke and in need of money, Bee and her Puppy Cat are summoned again by Temp-Bot to give them work on an intergalactic case by case basis. The two are sent to a snow globe planet to fix a broken music box. When the two arrive, they discover that the owner is not home and that there is an entire room of music boxes. Using trial and error, the two must discover the broken music box and fix it for the owner. The issue also includes a short about an amateur wrestler named Cass.

I’m not afraid to say that BOOM! blew my mind with BeePuppyCat_02_PRESS-12this issue. Using cleverly included QR codes, the reader can use their smart phone to actually listen to the sounds of the music boxes as Bee and Puppy Cat sort through them. The tunes are simple and delightful. Adding just that simple interactive edge was a brilliant surprise.

Natasha Allegri is a perfect blend of adorable and bizarre. Puppy Cat’s adventures are fairly innocent, but the strange little edges of Bee really draw the adult in. Anyone who has spent time unemployed or found themselves talking to their pets out of loneliness will understand. Allegri co-wrote this issue with Garrett Jackson and Patrick Seery helped fill in some of the color work.

BeePuppyCat_02_coverBThe short included at the end of the comic, “Cass,” is written by Frank Gibson and illustrated by Becky Dreistdat. It may not be a Puppycat story, but it is still quick and fun to read. Besides, who doesn’t want to know more about a female lucha libre!

Bee and Puppy Cat #2 was surprising and just plain adorable. With interactive fun and extra bonuses, Boom has a winner on their hands.

Bee and Puppy Cat #2 is available today from BOOM!


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