Falling, Falling, Falling: Real Heroes #3


RealHeroes_03In this exciting continuation of the Real Heroes story our heroes are
falling… falling… falling….

Wait, Where was I?

Oh right.

Real Heroes is a hilarious spoof comic about a group of Hollywood actors who suddenly find themselves playing the role of their lives. In a Galaxy Quest style mix up, they must act like the characters they play in the blockbuster super hero movies.

Written by Bryan Hitch, who has an impressive comic book resume, Real Heroes picks up as the group of actors are falling from a space ship. As
they fall (for the first ten pages of the comic), they realize the method
actors dream: their powers are real. Unfortunately, the characters lack
personality. I hope with further issues we will learn more about the cast
and find out more about where they came from. As it stands, they are one

The art is a classic superhero style, though it also has a cinematic
quality that suits the subject matter quite nicely. Though the falling
scene lasted for 10 pages, I still found myself intrigued by the setting,
not bored. My only complaint about the art is that the faces of the
characters seem unfinished and rushed compared to their portraits on the
title page.

The comic is drawn by Hitch himself, inked by Paul Neary and Andrew Currie,
colored by Laura Martin, and lettered by Chris Eliopoulos.

Real Heroes #3 is available from Image Comics June 11th.


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