Stephen Amell Hits the Bullseye at Phoenix Comic Con



Stephen Amell strolls out on stage Saturday afternoon at Phoenix Comic Con and says “I’d like to thank everybody for coming to the panel before Nathan Fillion’s panel.”  He mentioned that he has been backstage on and off throughout the day and is just a bit nervous.  He had nothing to be worried about, as he was funny, articulate and engaging. He jumped into taking questions from the audience and those ran the gamut from which DC superhero other than Green Arrow he would want to play (none, he actually prefers the villains) to has he ever messed up while doing the salmon ladder (yes).

When he spoke about the possibility of Oliver being a recurring character on the Flash, he replied that they have the same executive producers, the same writers, they shoot in the same city and he is in the pilot“I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t have me crossover, but I haven’t seen the scripts yet.” He then mouthed “yes” with a wink. Amell truly seemed comfortable with the crowd joking with some and putting others at ease.  He had an adorable young pink Arrow ask him if he could ditch Roy and have her as his sidekick, he replied she should come up so they could see how they would look.  He posed with her and the crowd was oohing and ahhing over the cuteness.

One of the more thoughtful moments came when a fan asked himWhat line from the show has Oliver said that you think is most important for him to grow as a character?” he said “I wish I had gotten this question beforehand” the fan offered to let him think about it he said it was a really good question. The moderator asked for her name “Quinn” she replied and he said he would let her know when he had an answer. He answered a few questions then called out “Quinn” and answered her question. “I don’t know if it was the most important line, but I thought that the most important scene from this year was the flashback between Oliver and Moira. Where, the last flashback, where Oliver learns that he quote, unquote “lost the baby” and to see a different level of emotion from Oliver and him really questioning himself as to what he would do if he was a dad and to see a real sadness in him. I thought that was the most important scene, the most important stretch of dialogue.”

He finally got the question asking about the future of Oliver and Felicity’s relationship after him saying I love you.  He said that we will find out very early on in season three if he meant it or not but the audience needed to remember what was said in episode six in season two about not being able to be with someone he truly cares about. He did say we will be seeing through the flashbacks in season three how Oliver got to the point he was at when we first met him after his humanity was stripped away. Season three is very much about how much of his humanity does he want back? Also, does he want to love someone, does he want to be a hero does he want to right his family’s name, does he want to get his company back?

Amell spoke about how appreciative he is of his Facebook fans for making his mom happy about the photo he posted about her being cancer free for one year and how he truly appreciated all the well wishes and likes the photo received.  He also said how much he enjoys interacting with his fans on Facebook.  Also, Stephen was asked what Oliver’s theme song should be, he thought on it for a bit discarded a couple of ideas before finally saying “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” would be Oliver’s theme song.

He spoke about his winery, Nocking Point wines.  Even going so far to ask the audience if mirakuru wine should be red or white. After joking it should be 33% alcohol and also contain Red Bull.  A decision was not reached as the audience was fairly evenly split between red and white.  Amell spoke about John Barrowman, echoing what Barrowman had said earlier in the day about Arrow being a great show to work on.  Amell stated that he appreciated having John Barrowman on the show who he could go to for advice about being the lead and how he was looking forward to working with Barrowman in season three. One of his big disappointments in season two was not getting to work together much in season two. He would love an uneasy alliance between the Dark Archer and Arrow.

The subjects of pranks came up, and he again echoed what John Barrowman had said about doing a scene that later got cut where Oliver and Malcolm crossed paths in the hospital when Moira had been injured, as Barrowman walked off camera he sort of skipped which only Stephen Amell saw, who then began cracking up, which in turn frustrated Paul Blackthorn who plays Detective Lance and is a method actor.  He then stated that Barrowman told him that the pranks were only beginning.

Stephen got asked if he had read many comics before getting cast as Oliver Queen, he said no but after the pilot he visited DC and started reading the comics. He is very proud of his show but what he is most proud of is the making of John Diggle part of the Green Arrow canon. Stephen said that David Ramsey’s portrayal of John Diggle has resonated so much that it has now become part of canon and that is the greatest compliment the show could have.

He teased a few things for next season, including the possibility of Harley Quinn and seeing how he got roped in to working for ARGUS and said that is something that has to be seen to be believed. He also mentioned that some people will be brought back. Thea will return but will she be evil? Also, if you like some of the enemies that Batman has fought then you are really going to like season three. These are all things that will be explored in Arrow season three and I for one can’t wait to start finding out the answers.



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