That’s Because You’re a Robot


BYAROBOTcover_webImage Comics’ one shot That’s Because You’re a Robot begins with the simple premise of two cops who are told that one of them is a robot. Through some sort of mix up, the LAPD isn’t able to tell the partners who is the robot and who is the human. Officers Matt and Jeff spend most of the comic being distracted from their jobs by arguing in this buddy cop style romp.

David Quantick’s writing is at its best when he is focused on the humorous debate between Matt and Jeff over which one of them is a robot. Every little thing leads to an accusation and the ensuing bickering causes them to be the worst cops in the LAPD. Their lack of focus shares a lot with the comic as the storyline seems to be all over the place. It jumps from one failed job assignment to the next and introduces its central mystery too late in the game. The comic ultimately ends with no resolution, leaving the reader puzzled and empty.

The art of Shaky Kane gives That’s Because You’re a Robot an old-fashioned feel. Each panel is filled with bold primary colors while the linework feels somewhat rough and unfinished. From page to page, there is a distinct difference in the attention paid to detail. One panel will feel polished and slick and the entire page following will seem rushed and incomplete.

That’s Because You’re a Robot is ultimately a zany buddy cop comedy that meanders through its central premise before ending with more questions and no answers.


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