Geek Tweets of the Week June 07-13, 2014


The Mary Sue has some great profiles of women in animation

Wil Wheaton quotes Chess the musical while announcing that he is just too popular for late, late night. Congrats. You are “crushing” it. (I am so, so sorry).

Is your dad Superman? You have till June 23rd to enter him in DC’s newest contest.

This baby bat may be the hero we all deserve.

Fargo’s Allison Tolman puts the verbal smackdown on a body-shaming internet heckler. Her twitter feed is an awesome thing to follow.

“Stand back boys. I’m going to be awesome!”

I could watch George “Oh My” Takei virtually punch sharks all day.

A Kickstarter with a message worth supporting.

Dork Tower deftly points out Ubisoft’s double standard and weak escuses.

For true lovers of Sherlock Holmes

We finally found out whoooo watches the watchman. And I will never sleep again.


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