United States of Lunacy: Harley Quinn #6


HARLEY_Cv6_52fa86c1c008e3.47913644Harley Quinn is known for her insanity, but what happens when she makes friends with an insane old man? Syborg, an elderly Jewish Man with metal body parts,  weapons and a past with Russian Spies enlists Harley to help him find some of his enemies and take them out for good. This includes dropping a woman from a helicopter, crashing said helicopter and then going to a zoo to try and assasinate a man named Bear who just so happens to work as a security guard.

This comic lives up to it’s tagline of “United States of Lunacy.” A man is decapitated by a bear, has his head thrown into different animal cages and then the head is dropped into another man’s lap by an eagle. Syborg blows a group of people up with bagel bombs. An elderly evil Russian woman is dropped onto the horn of a rhino and speared through the heart. Harley is completely insane, but still cutesy with Syborg. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti basically go completely out of their way to ruin American/Russian relations with this issue. Putin would have a field day with the implied over the top accents and movie-style wardrobe choices.

Chad Hardin draws Harley in her New 52 costume, and in every possible sexist pose imaginable. Harley kill people and then poses pressing her boobs out. It’s easy to see why so many people at convention want to cosplay the insane character. The downside to the New 52 costume is it makes Harley look like a trailer park hooker with a love of color. Her previous costume was much more appropriate to the Harley Quinn theme. However, her two-tone hair looks way cooler. Hardin has a solid comedic art style, and Alex Sinclair carries it home with color.

Harley Quinn #6 is not for the squeamish or easily offended. Harley fans or fans of the comically gruesome will likely enjoy this issue.

Harley Quinn #6 was released from DC Comics on May 21, 2014.


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