Almost Everything Strange Washes Up Near Miami

After months of trudging through sub-zero temperatures, I was dipped in the balmy baptismal waters of West Palm Beach, FL.  I now understand why this is where rich people go to die.
Look.  At.  This.
Loki was none too pleased, extolling the virtues of snow and ice, to which I responded in kind.
If he continued to bitch, I told him he’d find out how it felt to get his eyes exfoliated.  He let me enjoy the rest of my beach day without complaint.
Florida definitely grew on him.  It was just too pretty to resist, not to mention West Palm is very affluent and as Loki put it, “Fit for the proper King of Asgard.”  Whatever.  Although I did get rather jazzed when the courtyard we were in started blasting “Seasons of Love.”
I began to sing along…
But Loki disapproved.
I guess I know who isn’t coming the next time I book that show.
Although after they blasted it EIGHT TIMES IN A ROW, I could see Loki’s point.
So as the sun set on the beautiful paradise of a week we had in Florida, even Loki was a bit sad to say goodbye.
But we will remember all the good times, all the big glass lips…
Hey, Loki, YOUR MOMMA KISS YOU WITH THAT MOUTH???  Oh…she didn’t…right…my bad…
And colorful poppies…
And gorgeous sunflowers…
Along with all the humidity, honest-to-god thunderstorms that I had missed, and glittering sand that we had to leave behind.
Miss you, Florida!  Just don’t expect me there in summer.  Kisses!

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