E3 Game Postmortem Review: Evolve by 2K Studios

The Goliath not playable in pre-alpha. RARRRRRR.

The Goliath not playable in pre-alpha. RARRRRRR.

Due to an un(fortunate) mix-up at 2K, I managed to get into the most coveted prior play ever in E3. So much so, that it was voted for the “Best in E3”. I got into the Evolve booth you bitches and man was it the most fun time ever! When I came for my appointment, they mixed up me playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and previewing Civilization: Beyond Earth time slot. So, they asked if I would like to preview Evolve. I obviously went, “HELL YES.”

The reason for my excitement was not only because it was one of the most coveted previews in E3, but Turtle Rock is the exact same team that brought you Left for Dead 1 and 2. Those FPS shooters were one of the best I’ve ever played because: a) I didn’t need to be up at Call of Duty ownage to play competently and end up being good at the game b) I get motion sick very easily, and for some reason their games are great at not enabling that. c) The controls are simple, even with my ham-handled abilities on a game controller(Yes, I’m more of ASDF.)

First of all, we were split into teams by randomly given wristbands saying “Support”, “Medic”, “Assault”, and “Trapper” or we play the monster. The only monster we could play was not the huge behemoth (named the Goliath) displayed in the stall, but a Cthulhu-like creature called the Kraken. (I did ask if he had a hand in this, and they weren’t sure. LIARS!) The object is that your team is to trap and kill the creature like a foxhunt. However, this fox mutates into 4 stages – hence the name “Evolve” (hahaha… GET IT?) If the creature gets into the final stage, it’s pretty much instakill for all the other Hunters. Another way the creature can win is to destroy the generator. So, yeah kill the little bastard and keep him from killing your team and the generator would be great.

In this game, we got to play against another play who was the Kraken – much like the other Left for Dead games where you had the option of the Story Mode and Versus Mode. My Support was called “Bucket”. (Cute.) His capabilities was to put a whale harpoon on the monster for easier tracking, deploying gun sentries that fly about, throwing rockets, and firing a handgun when prone (similar to the Left for Dead games). We had to work as a team with each of us helping the other. The controls took a little bit of getting used to – but it was still enjoyable to play. Plus, when one of us got hit or stuck – we weren’t thrown into a mishmash of dizzying and frustrating tornadoes of WTF. I also have the capability to cloak me and the other Hunters when things went down. This is EXTREMELY impressive for a freaking PRE – ALPHA.

So, we teamed up against the monster, and it was definitely teeth-gritting when he had evolved to stage three. I had died already once and we were pouring it all into the little bastard, when I kept firing rockets into him from a distance and spamming sentry guns. I wouldn’t say I did it all, but at the very least….

Well done, Turtle Rock. I can’t wait to see when this comes out
This will be available for XBOX One, PS4, and Steam.


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