Fathom Annual #1


Fathom Annual 2014

Creator Michael Turner releases the first Fathom Annual #1 out in stores June 18th featuring 3 new short stories written by David Wohl, Nei Ruffino and Vince Hernandez.

The stories feature Aspen our “savior” and link to both the human and underwater world of the Blue. Aspen born of both worlds (Human and Blue) uses her newfound powers to try and protect them from destroying each other. Fathom mixes over the top fantasy into a human based world, and as a result the characters are as thin as the material covering them. The cover art by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald is reminiscent of a 90’s Sports Illustrated cover and Aspen’s battle attire is little more than bikini armor with some well placed seaweed.

All the stories reference previous Fathom issues making the storyline vague and hard to follow as a new reader. This annual is best suited for current Fathom readers looking for new stories of Aspen. But if you’re looking for a new comic to read, I would keep looking.




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