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Marching proudly on is an upcoming small press company called Kymera Press. I was able to attend their launch party for their kickstarter event to help launch their flagship comic: Gates of Midnight.

20140615_152622Gates of Midnight is a paranormal comic set in New York. Our protagonist, Raven Moon has recently returned from Afghanistan as a combat medic and is now working as an EMT. After the tragic death of her father, Moon unknowingly becomes involved in a group that spends their time fighting off monsters appearing from sudden tears in space called Gates.

The first four issues have not been published but I was granted access to the mock up copies. Despite some minor details I was nitpicking at, this comic is a great flagship for the company. It has a great heroine that is human. Human as in with flaws, quirks, and some grit.The story reminds me very much of Dresden Files mixed in with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Kymera Press is proud to be a small comic book publishing group that is staffed mainly by women. Every single person working on the comic is a women. Kymera Press wishes to help create content that will contain characters that women will enjoy. Judging from the mock ups and their future projects, I say they have a pretty strong chance.

20140615_153121The creator and writer of the comics, D. Lynn Smith comes from a heavy background of television (Dr. Quinn Medicine Women is one of them!).  I was particularly loving the art style done by Amelia Woo. It has this great flow with some hard edge to it which suits the comic very well.

During a wonderful speech by Smith, she mentioned the lack of women in the comic industry. So lacking that women that did create content would have another man’s name latched onto it to sell. Ridiculous.

Now that will be a rant of the past. As I re-dive into the comic scene, I am thrilled by the amazing talent around me. Even if it’s a small part, I always try to support independent artists and companies to bring their work to light.

I encourage everyone to check out their kickstarter and watch the adorable video. Just check out the projects they have lined up: Victorian horror comics and a space cat with imposable thumbs. Yes I will be supporting their kickstarter. I want to see more of that cat.

This whole women not being into comics thing needs to die. Die a swift death. I am tired of hearing this “war” being hashed out. I am tired of certain misogynistic (or socially frustrated) boy groups whip out out their paper megaphones to belt out their complaints.

Well, look at my shiny lighter. Aw, your paper megaphone is burned down.Complain all you want, I’m still reading comics.

People, heads up and know this. Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, I see women as the majority as readers, producers, fangirls, and supporters of the comic industry. Contrary to popular belief, women are steadfast consumers of the industry. Period.


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