Yes Spo-KANE!

Next stop…Spokane!
I had Schenectady Syndrome in Spokane.  That is what it’s called now.  Also, say that 3 times fast.
Spokane was BEAUTIFUL.  And BOMB.  And if I don’t retire to Schenectady, or Omaha, I will retire to Spokane.
It was just…beautiful.  And peaceful.  And interesting.  We could have done another week there easy.

I mean, there was art EVERYWHERE.  Both beautiful…

And weird.
His name was Burt Bike-A-Rack, so he was both weird and functional!
There was the most delish sushi…where Loki made some actual friends.  Yeah, they were a wee bit taller, but Thor’s taller too.  Loki’s used to it.
And his name is definitely getting round as a formidable ruler!  Just look at this stampede of people running from him at the mere sight of his fearsome physique.
Unfortunately, we discovered that Spokane is already ruled, by one “King Cole.”  I fear for this man.  Loki hunted for him all the while we were here.  Hopefully, he knows what is best for him and simply relinquishes his crown.  I would hate to see Loki spill anymore innocent blood.
Spokane was a magical place.  Loki felt most at home here.  There was enchantment everywhere.  For instance, there was this goat, who would eat your trash.
It seemed to be revered, as it was placed upon a high point in the park, as if it was to be respected.  Loki agreed with its perch, as he explained to me that “With every passing day, I find the animals of your world to be much more fit to live than humans.”  Aw shucks.  Thanks buddy.  I love you too.
He met an astronaut after that.  I hoped this would improve Loki’s opinion of us.  But although he did agree that the conversation was very stimulating, he could not be impressed by a species whose greatest achievement was riding to a satellite of rock in a tin can.
We also visited the tremendous Falls, where Loki began sketching out plans for a hydro-powered fortress to plot from…
And then we rounded out our stay by taking a ride on a majestic unicorn.
At least we tried.  We settled for a ride on the historic Looff Carousel instead.  Caught the ring and everything!
So in a nutshell, Spokane was incredibly enjoyable.  Delicious coffee, funky stores, saw “Muppets: Most Wanted” and otherwise had a stellar time.  Can’t wait to visit the riverfront again.  Until then, however, please just remember to stay careful, keep an eye out for Loki…
And stay alive.  For even though love is in the air…
…Doesn’t mean that same someone wouldn’t be happy to punch your face in.  Your lesson for the day.

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