Black Science Volume #1: How to Fall Forever


cover48667-smallBlack Science, the breakout comic from Image Press, is now available in a collected edition. Scientist Grant McKay is driven by his desire to break through reality and travel to different dimensions; his family, his wife and his friends all come second to his goals. Grant’s invention, the pillar, helps he and his team to travel to different dimensions. After an initial test, the crew discovers that the control panel to the pillar has been sabotaged. They find themselves unable to control where and when they arrive, leading to multiple deaths and lost crew members. The mystery of who sabotaged the pillar haunts Grant, and amidst the chaotic war-like landscapes they keep arriving in, he searches for answers. Grant must repair the pillar and get his daughter and son, as well as the rest of his crew, home.

Grant McKay is intentionally a difficult character to like.  He is a deeply self-involved man who starts the adventure off with very little consideration for his children or his crew. It is only after people begin to drop out of the picture that he realizes how crucial it is to get his act together. Rick Remender walks a thin line, using difficult characters and familiar Science Fiction concepts. Matteo Scalera’s artwork is stunningly beautiful and Dean White’s painted art pulls a gasp from the readers’ throat. The imaginative worlds of frog people and technologically advanced indigenous people are difficult to draw in a way that is not totally silly. Scalera and White accomplish works of beauty with seemingly fantastical ideas.

Black Science is an enjoyable read in the realm of dark comics and difficult story lines. Come prepared to take long looks at the art work and find yourself lost in the alternate realities of this comic.

Black Science is available from Image Comics now.


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