Etsy Round-up: Star Wars: Revenge of the Glue Gun


One of my guilty pleasures is shopping on Etsy. Even though I’m a crafty person I enjoy looking at the art of others and purchasing things made by an artisan. Today I wanted to show you some of the awesome art that is available to you via Etsy with a Star Wars theme. With the new movies coming out soon, everyone is going to be snatching this unofficial merchandise up. Here’s the best of Etsy, Star Wars. Click on the pictures to see the full listing.


GelertDesign, $22.41

This pair of silhouette mugs would make a perfect wedding gift, or an addition to your geeky drinking vessel collection. Great to hold coffee or mudder’s milk, etc. (I know, that’s not even the same system).

Posterinspired, $40

Posterinspired, $40

Check out this super cool pop art poster set to decorate the walls of your abode. Because being an adult means putting whatever you want on your walls. The bright colors would make any space pop, and I love the somewhat 70’s vibe, perfect for featuring the original trilogy.

ReSpinIt, $75

ReSpinIt, $75

Speaking of cool things for walls, this clock is amazing! Made out of a recycled record, and cut to feature the main characters, this is sure to look awesome adorning your walls while still telling you the time.


RockMeMamaDesigns, $32.95

Talk about cute! This baby hat is perfect for your littlest jedi. They also have little viking horn hat baby hats, and I’ve been told that Ewok hats are coming soon!

Lastly, in the expensive-but-worth-it category,


tavariel, $700

This beautiful dress is a replica of Padme’s dress from Attack of the Clones. Perfect as a cosplay or I could even see this as a wedding dress. The maker really put a lot of thought into this dress. It is made of hand dyed silk and silk thread, so that even the thread is dyed to the right tones. Clearly the craftsmanship on this dress is worth the cost.

Thanks for reading my first best of Etsy post here at FanGirlNation Magazine. Do you have an idea for my next roundup? Leave it in the comments!

Next month I’ll be featuring all the geeky items available for your nerdy wedding.


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