Jethro Tulsa

Oh, Oklahoma…
This sums up the travel day there…
Frankly, there was more to do in Tulsa eventually.  It seems Tulsa comes alive on weekends, where they have more festivals than stores in downtown.  There were two festivals going on by the weekend, one where Hanson was playing (I shit you not, epic mmboppiness,) and the other one, which was cool.
Now I do not mean to say that the Mayfest was not cool in its own way.  It was just clearly a confused mix of bougie overpriced art and fair food, which consisted of things like “Moink Balls,” and “Pulled Pork Parfaits.”
You don’t want to know.
Onto the cool I was talking about.
Tulsa has an obsession with robots.
Tulsa is 2/3 boring, 1/3 WOW THERE IS A DRUM CIRCLE AT 1PM IN THIS COFFEE SHOP.  Why The Doctor decided to hang out once the second festival hit, The Blue Dome Arts Festival, makes sense to me.
Hm?  Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you mishear me?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am officially the girl who waited.
Tears were shed.  Caressing to the point of inappropriateness was had.  It was all I could have dreamed.  The TARDIS came to Tulsa, and saved my visit.
Loki was of course fascinated to hear of such daring heroics as the Doctor’s, and to hear of an alien race that not only may be a worthy opponent once he overtakes the world, but seems to have no interest in ruling it.  I told him to beware the Doctor, the Lonely God, for he shows no mercy to those hungry for power, but of course my warnings fell upon deaf ears.  He will soon learn.  Oh yes, he will soon learn.
Doctor, at least I tried.  Send Jack from Cardiff in your stead.  I’ll text you my address.
After an awkward amount of time passed spending quality moments with the Doctor’s Girl, we decided to check out other modes of transportation since Loki saw no need for a Big Blue Box.  (F$cking Idiot.)  I have to say though, he had quite a few choices thanks to the crazy car collection.  There was Phone Car…
Skydiving Car…
Rocket Cycle…
Smaug’s Special Needs Cousin…
The Happy Nugget, as I like to call it…
And of course, Eyegore.
Loki finally settled on the next car though, as he found it to be the most ferocious.  Frankly, I think a car made of teeth would strike fear in the hearts of anyone, so I have to admit he has a point.
Now what kind of fear, that is up for debate.
Loki also picked up some new muscle!  We met Bigfoot.  The Oklahoma Bigfoot, to be absolutely precise.  He was quite witty and dashing, but definitely strikes a intimidating figure.  Be that as it may, he agreed to be called upon in times of great need for the revolution, in return for 20 acres in Oklahoma to roam naked in and a lifetime supply of strawberry starbursts.  What a negotiator!
Loki spent a little time with my friends in this town, as well.  For instance, he complimented Natalie on her gorgeous flower artwork…
“For a human, it is acceptable.  Rudimentary, but acceptable.  The colors remind me of home.  Oh Asgard, how I cannot wait to see you under my regal thumb…”
And here is Brian’s peaceful ocean sunset.
“The water…so refreshing and cool…I wish to dive into it’s rich and crisp depths!  *CLUNK*  Slip of Hay, I need a new paint job!”
Yes, we had a lovely time once the festival hit.  And Tulsa as a city is gorgeous, with its tremendous art deco architecture and majestic sculptures…
Loki has decided to have this particular piece relocated to his throne room once erected, to remind himself that he indeed has “The world on a string,” as our quaint ancient shanty proclaims.
I tell ya, as long as I’m carting Mr. Wonderful around here, this fortune cookie I got is right on the money.
But it sure isn’t as hard as Mexican Karaoke Wrestling.  I’ll give you that much.

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