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Oklahoma City was feast or famine.
It was a cute little city, with a ton of pride, and that is admirable.  But the fact of the matter is that neither I nor Loki are that big on athleticism.  If Oklahoma City loves only two things, it’s Buffaloes and Basketball as this mural can attest.
Don’t ask me, I don’t know either.
Apologies.  There are three things Oklahoma City loves.  It loves its basketball, its buffalo…
“My name is Clyde, but in the rap game I go by ‘Radon Chong,” cuz it is a parenthetical and a prepositional joke and what not, son.”
“My stylist said ‘always take off one accessory before you walk out your door,’ but I just couldn’t help it.  I needed to wear all the things.”
“It was around hour five when the mescaline began to take hold.  Too weird to live, too rare to die.”
“My ass is literally grass.”
…and Oklahoma City loves its banjos.
Yep, we visited something called the American Banjo Museum.  This was only one small corner of what was otherwise more banjo for your buck than I ever dreamed.
We bid respect to a fellow who also understands the burden of being green…
And Loki, deciding that Kermit wore green much better than he ever could, tried on a few outfits including this snappy little number…
But once we decided it was a little too loud, we went with a smooth, snazzy dinner jacker combo after that.
He also insisted we give this ensemble a shot, to which I zipped my lips and kept all questions and opinions to myself.
All the dressing room changing worked up an appetite, so the next thing we knew we were hitting an honest-to-god Route 66 hotspot, Pops.
Any kind of pop you dreamed of was here, and many kinds of pop you never dreamed of were here.  Buffalo Wing, anyone?
Perhaps Sweet Corn flavored, or Martian Poop?
And come on, who can ever turn down a good, old-fashioned PB&J…
Loki felt that no meal would be complete without a healthy swig of bacon, because come on, everyone loves bacon.
He seemed to take the bacon as a challenge, muttering about how Thor always could inhale two times more than him on most days.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was artificially-flavored.  He’s got enough on his mind trying to overthrow the North Korean government.
In the end, our haul included only one palatable choice, (Salted Caramel Root Beer,)  Martian Poop, Bacon, PB&J, Sweet Corn, and Buffalo Wing.  We also got something entitled “Rocket Piss.”  Supposedly it glows in the dark.
Don’t know if I will be drinking that one, Loki might be on his own.
Yup, we explored all the treasures Oklahoma City had to offer.  I’m just glad I heeded all posted rules.  My fearless leader, on the other hand…
…believes all rules are meant to be broken.

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