Omnicorp Thanks You For Your Cooperation- Robocop: Human Element


boom_robocop_human_element_tpIf the new Robocop film wasn’t enough to fill the hole left by Detective Murphy’s guns, BOOM! Press is giving you a little relief. Robocop: Human Element #1 is a trade collection of previously released Robocop stories. The first story is “Beta,” a story that take place before the most recent film.  After being shot from enemy fire while serving in the Middle East, Joshua Duncan wakes up to discover that his body has been replaced by that of the Robocop suit. Horrified, his first (and natural response) is to try to attack the doctor who did this to him. Much like the original 1980’s version, Joshua is shut down and the doctor reasons with him. He is reintroduced as the ultimate soldier and arrives back at camp to help shut down terrorists. Things, as expected, go horribly wrong.  “Memento Mori” is the second story enclosed and actually features detective Alex Murphy. It features the nightmare dreams that Murphy undergoes during brain surgery from Omnicorp. “To Live and Die in Detroit” features a child kidnapping ring and the dirty cops that Robocop must stop. “Hominem Ex Machina” takes place when Robocop is down for mental maintenance and a crime spree breaks out across Detroit.

The most important advice I can give you is to not read this comic if you are a veteran of the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, or are even close to one.  The first story is fairly graphic and triggers dark feelings for those involved with the Armed Forces. The entire collection has a very dark feel. If you loved the first Robocop, this is not the comic for you. Every story included has to do with the new Robocop franchise, and I will admit it was disappointing. The dark uncomfortable nature of this collection pulls away from the story and leaves the reader wondering if they should continue forward. However, if you were a huge fan of the most recent film and its dark nature, this comic collection acts as a perfect side trip.

Also, don’t miss the last word from Onicorp’s greatest creation: Thank You For Your Cooperation

Robocop: Human Element is available from BOOM! Studios June 24, 2014.


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