Action and Strong Women- Fathom: Kiani #4


332137-18774-125543-1-fathom-kianiFathom: Kiani #4 is the latest installment in Michael Turner’s long-running Fathom series. It follows Kiani, a member of an alien race called the Blue, as she searches for her sister. In this issue, she must battle a man named Luzhin to find the whereabouts of Anika. Luzhin has managed to harness the power in Kiani’s blood to gain the powers of the Elite Blue, turning him from an average run of the mill human into something considerably more formidable. While Luzhin and Kiani face off, Kiani’s mentor, Casque, battles the Russian forces in a bid to distract them.

Vince Hernandez has written an intriguing and action-packed issue. There is no idle exposition as every page propels each character toward his or her seemingly inevitable conclusion. The issue wraps up its primary conflict in a very satisfying way and manages to leave the reader eager to pick up the next installment.

Fathom: Kiani #4 features the pencilwork of Giuseppe Cafaro and colors done by Wes Hartman. Cafaro’s linework is sharp and crisp, creating detailed characters and scenes. Kiani does suffer from underdressed warrior syndrome as she fights in a coral embellished bikini and contorts herself into positions that are likely to be highly ineffective in combat. Hartman’s choice of color palette makes it easy to follow both Casque and Kiani and to differentiate between story lines with just a glance. The story is primarily rendered in cool tones, which is appropriate for a story about beings who wield water as a weapon.

After reading Fathom: Kiani #4, it’s no surprise that the Fathom series was once slated to become a feature film directed by James Cameron. This is the perfect read for fans of big action epics with interesting and complex female leads.


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