Alchemy, Clockwork Gadgets and Circus Folk: Clockwork Angels #3


clockworkangels_03a_webAlchemy, clockwork gadgets and circus folk run through the pages of BOOM! Comics’ Clockwork Angels #3. Young Owen Hardy joins the circus in an attempt to escape his previous life. Complete with animals and a beautiful tightrope walker love interest named Francesca, the circus provides a much needed home for Hardy. After he begins to prove his worth, the tightrope walker offers to take him to see the mysterious Clockwork Angels. The Clockwork Angels distribute messages of love and peace once nightly to a crowd of followers, but no one truly knows who controls them. Francesca and Hardy develop a relationship, but it appears she can never be tamed and has no interest in marrying. Shadowy figures and dark promises surround the two as Owen Hardy works to unravel the mystery of who or what is behind the Clockwork Angels and healing his damaged pride.

Clockwork Angels #3 has the perfect blend of suspense and bright colors. Author Kevin J. Anderson skillfully adapts a story and lyrics from Neil Peart into a beautiful blend of clockwork imagery and circus family. The artwork of Nick Robles is truly stunning and charmingly disarming. The images appear painted, almost as if the book could stand alone as a picture book. The bright colors of the carnival and the Clockwork Angels dance with rich red and blue hues, highlighted with gold and light. Each figure is beautifully illustrated and makes the book a joy to read.

Clock Work Angels #3 is certainly part of a series, but starting with issue #3 isn’t so convoluted that the reader will feel lost. For fans of the Steampunk genre or the Mortal Instruments series, this will be a wonderful new edition to their reading.  Kevin J. Anderson creates a world that encourages readers to pick up the back issues and with art from Nick Robles who wouldn’t?

Clockwork Angels #3 is now available from BOOM! Comics.


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