Dream Police #3: Who Keeps You Safe in Your Dreams?


DreamPolice_03-1Michael J. Straczynski’s comic, The Dream Police is as complex as its cover. The cover art by Sid Kotian features Dream Police detectives Joe Thursday and partner Kate Black; Joe’s partner from Dream Police #1, Frank Stanford, is trapped in the looking glass behind them. Dream Police patrol the “Dreamscape,” the alternate universe of dreams and nightmares, where changelings, echoes and other nightwalkers that died in their sleep wander forever.

Joe Thursday narrates the job of a Dream Police Detective and his current case in a very cool Sgt. Friday (Dragnet) meets the Matrix combination. Straczynski does a great job keeping the reader informed, with a synopsis of the last two issues included after the cover page. Although the case Thursday and Black are working on is a typical cop storyline, it’s the back story that keeps you interested. You have glimpses into Thursday’s visions of his missing partner Frank Stanford and mysteries of the elusive darkness and black files that cry out to be solved. If you like mysteries this is a comic for you; lots of storyline and some action too. I am looking forward to reading the next issue of Dream Police in July.


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