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Coloring-Squared-WoodcraftColoring Squared is a unique idea for parents who have tried everything to get their children to like Math. With easy to solve Math problems corresponding to different squares for a color-by-number feel, Coloring Squared allows art loving students to learn their arithmetic. Coloring Squared creator Cameron Krantzman gave FangirlNation some insight into his mission.

FGN: What is Coloring Squared and what does it do?

Cameron Krantzman: Coloring Squared is a series of math coloring books that combine the fun of coloring and the satisfaction of learning, using the pixel art style of classic video games. Each coloring page contains a pixel puzzle which has a grid with math problems. Children determine the answer to each problem, use a key that is provided on each page, and color the squares. When they are done, they have a very cool pixel picture.  Coloring Squared helps to make math learning fun and bridge the gap between instruction and mastery.

FGN: Why did you choose to create Coloring Squared?

Cameron Krantzman: I created Coloring Squared during my time teaching. As a teacher, you are always trying to find compelling ways to present instruction to children. I’ve been a gamer my entire life and Coloring Squared came about as an expression of that in my teaching. What was great was that I was able to reflect off of the student’s ideas and thoughts about the content as I would improve the idea. They were my own little focus group.

FGN: What age ranges do you have for the Coloring Squared pages?

Angry-BirdCameron Krantzman: Coloring Squared offers content ranging from about four to twelve. The content is categorized by subject. There is content for basic math computations, place value, fractions, decimals, and more. The website also has worksheets with characters from Angry Birds, Transformers, Minecraft, Disney and more.

FGN: Which are you most popular coloring pages?

Cameron Krantzman: Multiplication coloring pages are far and away the most popular category of pages that we offer. A surprisingly popular page that I featured was a variation of a classic Nintendo Gameboy. It received a ton of repins on Pinterest and a lot of web traffic. This was really weird to me because I didn’t think the kids even knew what a Gameboy was. Eventually, I was clued in to the fact that he looked like Beemo from Adventure Time and that’s what the kids were calling it.

Free-Multiplication-Worksheets-MMH5-Handheld-Color-Math-for-KidsFGN: Do you have any particular movies or cartoon characters you would like to feature?

Cameron Krantzman: I already feature a lot of cartoon and comic characters on the site free to download. However, I would love to move into licensing content for use in retail stores. A Minecraft coloring book would be the most fun to do and probably the biggest hit. We’ll be looking into the possibility of that in the future.

FGN: What is the greatest challenge in creating one of the pages?

FlashCameron Krantzman: The biggest challenge for me was settling on the final look and format for the series. I needed to make choices about how many squares would be on the page, what the size of the font would be, what the header and footer looked like, and so on. These choices would be permanent features of the content and I knew that once I started producing pages, there was no changing what this overall format was. That was very difficult for me. However, I’m really happy with the final product.

FGN: What do you feel is the most important thing a parent can do to get their child interested in Math?

Cameron Krantzman: I would say that the personal attitude the parent has about math is the most common problem that I’ve seen. Math is a skill that needs to be developed and often requires a bit of tenacity to move forward. A negative attitude towards math is such a destructive factor in keeping kids motivated to put the work in that is necessary.

FGN: Where can our readers find your products?

Cameron Krantzman: Readers can find the content online at We are available at Amazon and Teachers Pay Teachers as well. In Arizona, we can be found in Teaching and Learning Stuff and The Learning Bug stores. While we don’t offer teacher discounts, we do provide tons of content free to print online for teachers to use.


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