ElfQuest: Journey From Past to Present



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ElfQuest is a story about the world of two moons, a place where human and ethereal realities meet. This tale begins with the descendants of the High Ones: the Wolf-Riders. Wolf-Riders are a mix of elf and wolf (yes, one ancient elf got a little busy with a wolf…but to her credit, she was a wolf herself at the time) whose traditions revolve around living in the “Now”. These elves are not unlike those from stories told around the globe however; their stature is just a bit different and they are not immortal (at least a vast majority of them are not). Wendy and Richard Pini, the writer and illustrator for ElfQuest, began this elftastic comic in 1978 after failure to publish with one of the major comic companies (e.g. Marvel, DC) at the time. Much to the chagrin of these companies, ElfQuest was a hit and flew off the shelves. Fans couldn’t get enough of those pointy-eared, wolf-loving, woodland creatures!

Where traditional comic companies focused on heroes/heroines, WARP Graphics (Wendy and Richard’s publishing company) focused on the culture of another reality. Wendy and Richard created a full body story that detailed the trials and tribulations of an entire tribe of individuals whose wants and needs varied despite their absolute focus on “The Way” (that living in the “Now” tradition mentioned above is called “The Way”).
ElfQuest has stood the test of time, producing numerous comics (some focused on the primary story line and others off shoots that focus on an individual group or character’s development) which only inspire the mind and entice the senses. The World of two moons is something of a fantasy reader’s dream; it combines much of the struggles present in your typical fantasy book all while evolving the perspectives most readers are accustomed to. Between Elves, Trolls, Humans and ghostly spirits with more power over the tangible realm than one would expect – this fantasy series truly explores how groups from all walks of life could and would interact were they ever to meet.

So if you have the time, browse on over to www.elfquest.com where Wendy and Richard Pini were kind enough to post their ENTIRE comic series online for ANYONE to read. If you prefer the traditional paper bound comic experience, please head to your nearest comic book shop and look for “ElfQuest: Fire and Flight” to get started. The main story line is eight volumes long with some great image galleries in the back of characters and events. The online comics are collected by comic issue so it may take a little more time to get through all of them than it would if you purchased a physical copy of the volumes. No matter your reading method, be sure to enjoy the rich visuals and intriguing dialog of this ambitious series!

Now, in the traditional ElfQuest fashion…

Ayoo! Shade and sweet water to you all!

*For those looking to purchase, here’s a list of the hardback volumes you can buy from www.elfquest.com:

#1: Fire and Flight

#2: The Forbidden Grove

#3: Captives of Blue Mountain

#4: Quest’s End

#5: Siege at Blue Mountain

#6: The Secret of Two-Edge

#7: The Cry from Beyond

#8: Kings of the Broken Wheel



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