Labyrinth of Jareth 2014: The Court of Sypher is Filled with Surprises


The Labyrinth of Jareth for 2014 marked the seventeenth such gathering or artists, performers and costumed attendees to the colorful fantasy celebration. Held at the legendary Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, the LA landmark was transformed into a mythical court filled with fairies, goblins and 10300981_10102657110950211_1714617424783447692_nbeverages.

Tea service was available in the Clockwork Tea Room for an additional fee. Tables were ladenned with several types of tea, accompanied by both cream and sugar. For those feeling peckish, small scones and tea sandwiches were placed in the center of the table. The tea room was consistently busy, and as such was the staff who at times seemed a bit overwhelmed.

10408822_10102657370360351_4901321983489114494_nSeveral stages were erected with bands dedicated to everything from sitar players, to pop culture themed bands, to full dance  puppet dance performances; something was happening in no matter what room one was in. As such, bars decorated every major room in the hotel and were constantly flooded with guests as well.

Cleopatra Hookah of Los Angeles was also on hand on an outdoor patio for those guests looking for a feeling of the outdoor oasis amidst a large gathering of people. This area provided a safe spot to smoke hookah and watch the crowd from a distance. Food trucks peppered the outdoor patio, including a giant dragon pizza oven run by Dragon Oven. Goblins danced around the market place, hearkening folks back to the poetry of Christina Rosetti as if by accident.

All in all, the star of the show were the costumed attendees. Elaborate attention to detail, LED lights and creative twists on classic pop culture were the winners. We have included a gallery of some of the best costumes of the night below.


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