Watch All The Thing!: Super Powered Aliens in South Korean Dramas


mylove1When you think of any kind of drama do you think of aliens? Unless you were like me and loved Roswell, then not really.

My Love From Another Star  (also known as You From Another Star) was easily the best Korean drama (abbreviated kdrama) from 2013. The series just concluded in February 2014 and I still cannot stop gushing about how much I loved the series.

The show starts off kind of odd at first in that it’s during the Joseon era (roughly between 1300s to late 1800s).  A young girl is traveling along a road when a rough wind picks up. The wind is so rough that her traveling party flies off as they desperately cling to trees. Meanwhile, the poor young girl is stuck in the carriage as it begins to head off a cliff edge.

Time stops still. The carriage is opened to reveal a young handsome man who helps her out. As they become friends, the young girl soon finds out that the young handsome man is actually an alien who was left stranded on earth when he took the time to rescue her.

Through unfortunate events, the young lady is murdered in front of him. So begins his grim and cynic outlook on humans. The alien, Do Min-Joon, is stuck on earth as he waits for a certain comet to signal his way home. As he stays, he learns how to behave more human-like, invests in properties, and becomes crazy rich; all the while he patiently looks to the sky and waits.

Three hundred years later, the comet Ison is spotted and he has hopes of going home.

Except now he’s met a woman named Cheon Song-yi, a spoiled famous actress who bares an uncanny resemblance to the young lady he rescued hundreds of years ago. Despite trying to keep his distance, Cheon Song-yi wheedles her way into his life and his heart.

Do Min Joon is not only a rich alien but he also super strong (he can stop a truck), stop time, and transport himself anywhere. He does have limitations. He cannot share fluids or food with humans or else he gets really sick. Yes, it does make for some interesting kissing scenes

This was the first  kdrama that had me spell bound for months.  From the first episode to the last I was glued. There was the right balance of suspense, romance, action, humor, and tears. Oh, I cried great gushing floods of tears for this drama.

To those interested in kdramas, I point to this one as a starter. It is wildly different from the standard kdramas. For once this is not a rich people versus poor people story arc.An arc that can be enjoyable but also very tedious.

It is a science fiction romance kdrama.  The romance is built up, appreciated, and sustained. There were moments full of silly antics to moments where it was hot. Both characters change so much for each other. Their evolution as a couple is an actual progression. It’s not based off of looks or wealth. There is such true tenderness and chemistry between them.

It is also fun to note that the actor who plays the villain of the movie has physical traits like a villain. Some scenes I wondered if it was a manga character come to life. It is truly despicable the deeds the villain has done. Sometime downright bone chilling.

There are some annoying characters but they had some sweet moments so it was forgivable. For those who follow Roommates, this is where Jo Se Ho becomes famous as part of the duo in the comic book shop.

Overall it was just a fun kdrama. There were some definite serious moments but it was balanced by the whimsy and fun. I would recommend this to everyone who is tired of watching reality shows, or who don’t have basic cable, or loved Roswell, or loves super human hot aliens, or just wants something different.

Be prepared for a marathon because all the subtitled episodes are on












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