Celebromancy: Celebrity is a Legitimate Superpower


81hR5LbQqsL._SL1500_Ree Reyes is a bartender, a Geekomancer, the writer of the soon to be biggest television show of the season, and has just learned that being a celebrity is actually a legitimate magic power. Actress Jane Konrad, former child star and super party girl, has taken on Ree’s television pilot and her affections. However, it isn’t all party scenes and kissy face when Ree discovers the dark secrets behind Jane’s rise to stardom and her battle with the current America’s Sweetheart. It is only a matter of time before Jane is taken by unseen forces, and Ree must find a way to save the star while keeping all of her jobs and her life.

Michael Underwood did something I didn’t think a male writer could do; he wrote about a lesbian relationship in a way that was respectful and still sexy. Ree Reyes is bisexual, and Underwood does a great job of highlighting Ree’s intense feelings for Jane without slipping too far down the path of Cinemax late night. The best part of all of this is that Ree’s sexuality is not even the main plot line of the book, like so many attempts at LGBT friendly books. There are legitimate action sequences and a plot!

Celebromancy is certainly not for the closed minded or those who have no interest in the supernatural. It is a creative look at an intricate movie culture and works as a commentary on the power of that culture. Underwood continues to write a series that is engaging, filled with pop culture references and entertaining to boot.

Celebromancy is available now.


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