Sailor Moon is Back!


10524769_10101340054257388_420150741_nSailor Moon has been rebooted and it is wonderful. A ton of hype has been leading to this and for me it has refreshingly lived up to what I expected.

Sailor Moon is a shoju manga from Japan. Usagi is the unknowing reincarnation of the Moon Queen Serena. Before a talking cat with a crescent moon revealed her the powers of Sailor Moon, Usagi was just a normal 14 year old student who was clumsy, bad at school, and always late. Sailor Moon meets up with other Sailor Scouts to fight the evil that comes down to earth for various plot reasons.

Sailor Moon has been known (whether favorably or not) for several things: the outfits; the cheesy plots; the never ending “upgrade” of talismans that granted Sailor Moon even more; the ridiculously long transformation scenes that make me wonder why the villains just never attacked her during that; that line in a Barenaked Ladies song.

Speaking of the 1990’s, DIC entertainment edited and released Sailor Moon content to the US. I hoarded the comic books (created by Naoko Takeuchi) and any form of Sailor Moon I could get. I was such a hardcore Sailor Moon fan, I stuffed one suitcase full of Sailor Moon S VHS tapes dubbed in Thai on one trip to Thailand.  I tried to make my curly hair into buns like Usagi. I glared at my cats for not speaking and granting me Sailor powers. I pranced about in a bathing suit pretending to transform. Point is: I was an adoring fan of Sailor Moon. When words began to circulate that a reboot was occurring, the ever present inner child squealed like no other.

It’s been a long time since the series ended. Most of us who grew up as fans are semi-adults now. The current generation is having their attentions devoured by Attack on Titan. I was worried that the current reboot would destroy my tween love for Sailor Moon. Did the rebooted Sailor Moon (now called  Sailor Moon Crystal V.) premiere hold up?


The first episode was nostalgically wonderful with added modern bells and whistles. The style is definitely reminiscent of the comic books with the lankier bodies and ethereal styles. The same plot point seems to be present (some main villain uses minions to retrieve some sort of bejeweled object only to be thwarted by Sailor Moon). My heart clenched with joy upon seeing the beginning of Mamoru Chiba  and Usagi relationship. I grinned like a fool seeing Luna. Usagi was still late for class. I am a ridiculously puddle of happy right now.

Some notes that may be a contention for viewers:

– Usagi=Bunny= Sailor Moon and Mamoru Chiba = Darien

– Yes, the transformation sequence has CGI but it comes off as very well done. Despite snickering how long the transformation sequences are, they are still one of the favorite parts of the show. There is a sense of joy and pride as the sequence plays through. Plus the music is awesome.

-The opening, transformation scene, and ending music are awesome.

– The story is speeding really fast. Not sure if this is because the writers figured there was no need to prolong the story since everyone knows of it or if their worried they might lose new viewers if they took took too long. If your not familiar with Sailor Moon, the story may not make sense at all. One minute she’s a student, the next a magical guardian sailor who somehow knows how to transform. I personally wouldn’t have mind if they slowed down the pace but there was a glimpse of Ami at the end. I’m eager to have all the Sailors together.

– I wonder how old Mamoru Chiba is in this reboot.Either way, I’m just going  do what I did when I first watched it: to pretend  that Usagi is older  than she really is.

-This may be weird to some viewers but I loved the sonic power of her crying. That cracked me up so much.

I’m already eager to watch the next episode. The power of Sailor Moon still holds for me today as it did decades ago, It is a simple silly, romantic, story with a normal girl who turns out to be a powerful being.

You can catch the first episode on Hulu or Crunchy Roll. Episodes will air twice a month so prepare to stare longingly at the calender.


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