Red City 2: Martian Crime Continues


RedCity_02-1Last month we looked at the premiere issue of Red City, a sci-fi crime drama set in the distant future of our solar system. This month we return to to take a look at Red City #2. As usual, I will start by warning you all that this review will have spoilers.

Red City One started with the main character Talmage beat up and sitting in jail. Red City #2 starts with Talmage…beat up and sitting in jail. He had followed a lead to find the ambassador’s daughter, but found a body instead, which got him tossed in a cell when they mistook him for the killer. When he finally gets let out, he gets kidnapped by a crooked politician, who also beats him up, and then proceeds to get into a car chase, with guys who, presumably, want to beat him up. (Okay, fine, they would probably do more than beat him up).

If you couldn’t tell, Red City #2 departs from the investigation bits of the story and heads more into action sequences. This is all well and good, and frankly, to be expected in a story about a crime infested solar system, but I did miss some of the more intense dialogue and sleuthing from the first comic, which writer Daniel Corey excels at. The second comic does introduce Angel, the character in the red dress that was briefly mentioned in the first comic. She is your typical rough and tumble crime loving chick, and she does get a few good lines.

For example, as she jumps the car through a fence she shouts “Hell, yes, just like in the movies!” To which Talmage simply responds “I hate you.”

My main problem with the comic still lies with the art. In particular, I have noticed that the main character’s face varies widely from shot to shot, lacking any real consistency. RedCityFaceComparisonIf you compare the front facing view of Talmage on the cover, to the images of him profile a few pages later, the Talmage’s face looks very different. Oddly, I didn’t have that problem with Angel’s character at all, no matter the angle, the facial features remained consistent. To have that issue with the main character is very disconcerting for me.

The comic ends, of course, with Talmage and Angel heading off to the next lead. I am anxious to see interaction with the missing ambassador’s daughter, and curious to see how the plot will thicken once they find her (granted that could be many comics away). The art is a major stumbling block for me, though, and I will have to see how it affects me as the series continues. We’ll be back next month when we look at the next chapter Red City #3.

Red City is available from Image comics 07/14/2014


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