Shutter #4: Why Isn’t That Platypus Wearing Pants?


shutter-4-100724Welcome back, Shutter readers! Today I will be going over Shutter 4 from Image Comics. At this point I do feel obliged to give you a ****SPOILER ALERT!*** Seeing as this is a comic series, I can’t exactly summarize the current comic without revealing certain bits of the previous, that should be fairly obvious, but nonetheless, you have been alerted.

When we last left our heroine she had just been attacked by purple ghost ninjas, kidnapped (albeit briefly) and had her apartment bombed. Beating a hasty retreat she met up with her skeleton-butler Harrington, and headed to her childhood home in the country. There she is told she will be introduced to her perhaps dangerous siblings.

Now, just to drive you slightly insane, instead of jumping right back into it, Shutter 4 starts with the origin of Harrington. Harrington, it turns out, is currently serving out a eternal-life sentence of servitude for refusing to help a dying ancestor of Kate’s who asked for sanctuary. Thus proving, once again, the all important rule of “Never turn away a helpless woman at your doorstep.” If you do, you will get cursed, hard. Think about it, turning away damsels, hags or women of any variety never ends well. Don’t do it.

When we get back to our main plot, Kate enters her home to find the purple ghost ninjas, and their automaton boss chilling in her parlor playing some cards. Then her nanny, who was friends with her a dad shows up, and they all have a strange, kinda freaky family-ish dinner. There is a lot of backstory here, as we learn more about Kate’s father and nanny and their history together.

Meanwhile, in assassin land, awesome fox samurai, Elkland, tries to get her friend, Shaw, out of his contract to kill Kate. Enter Mikey the crime platypus, who apparently hangs out in an alley, and for some reason finds it necessary to wear a shirt, but not pants. Finally we head back to Kate’s house where we leave off with a big reveal.

As always, writer Joe Keatinge makes me laugh out loud. He plays with the absurdity of the universe so well, allowing great moments of humor, while maintaining a serious plot and great characters. The dialogue always makes me smile. Take, for example, the scene where Ekland, takes Shaw to Mikey for help, and Shaw points out the absurdity of his own situation.

“My life is in the hands of a platypus, in an alley, with a fax machine…”

The art by Leila Del Duca is, as always, fabulous. It has this dark sketchy kind of style, while still having beautifully done color. There is always something to look at, (I’m pretty sure in one scene Kate’s father is stealing the Mona Lisa), and every character is so unique. Truly, this comic makes me look forward to the new chapter every month. You just have to know what happens next! It is witty, well written and unique and I highly recommend this comic to anyone who enjoys something a little different.

Shutter 4 is available from Image Comics 07/09/2014


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