Abe Sapien #14: Dreams and Avoidance Tactics


23886After getting shot and undergoing a change, Abe Sapien abandons the BPRD and goes looking to prove that he isn’t connected to the monsters that have appeared and left the world a cracked and vulnerable shell. In Abe Sapien #14, Abe and his traveling companion, Grace, make their way past Juarez on the way to Texas. The issue deals primarily with the things that each of the two wounded and damaged characters are trying to avoid.

Moving through dream sequences, Mike Mignola and Scott Allie bring Abe and Grace face to face with the things from which they are running. Each character’s journey is deftly handled, masterfully skirting the edge of falling into the clichés that so often plague writers while exploring their characters’ pathos.

Max Fiumara’s art is jagged and detailed by turns, rendering a stark and desolate landscape both beautiful and cutting. This style combined with perfectly chosen colors by Dave Stewart brings Abe Sapien #14 to life. Stewart’s palette is appropriately bruised and ugly at times, bringing the nature of each character’s specific mental state into sharp focus.

There is very little definite action, but so much of Abe’s and Grace’s interior lives are uncovered in this issue. Fans of a main character with a complicated past and something to prove? Abe Sapien #14 might be just the read for you.

Abe Sapien #14 is available from Dark Horse now.


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