Adventure Time + Police Academy = Banana Guard Academy #1


AT_BananaGuard_01_COVERAPrincess Bubblegum’s whims are at it again in Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #1. After Princess Bubblegum discovers her Banana Guard eats nothing but turnips, she decides to open up recruitment to all in her kingdom; banana or not. Rootbeer Guy, Peppermint Butler and Cupcake Man all line up to join the ranks. Even the small yellow Elephant Tree Trunks decides to join. The possibilities for insanity are endless and wackiness ensues.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; if you aren’t open to some pretty random weirdness, you likely won’t like the Adventure Time comics. For those of us with a deep love for the side characters of the show, Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #1 is giggle worthy and adorable. Writers Kent Osborne and Dylan Haggerty appear to be having an incredible time writing this story. Kent Osborne is the head writer of Adventure Time, after all. Mad Rupert illustrates the insanity, keeping the look almost exactly like the television show.

Overall, Adventure Time: Banana Guard #1 is a fun read that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s innocuous enough for children and enjoyable for adults who like Adventure Time as much as their their kids.


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