Star Wars #19: Engaging Despite Junkyard Planets


24048Star Wars #19 was an extremely satisfying read for me. It has a flavor that was wholly unlike the classic trilogy that was my childhood obsession, but still maintains the essence of those favorite characters. The issue opens with an unfamiliar character in an unfamiliar setting that follows a summary of previous events that made me a little dubious; the idea that Princess Leia can marry and save the rebel alliance is not a new one. I was made even more dubious by the first panel, which introduces the setting as Lotho Minor, a junkyard planet. I immediately had to wonder what exactly the purpose of a junkyard planet would be.  After all, doesn’t the galaxy have the vast expanse of space to dump their junk in? Can’t they recycle? Wouldn’t the expense of shipping your trash to another planet be prohibitively high? Nevermind that. By the second panel, I didn’t care anymore, because I was hooked. The story opens with a young
and lovely rebel running for her life from the infamous bounty hunter, IG-88B. Oh, life and death struggle, flesh versus mechanic; very exciting. I couldn’t help but dump my doubts and plunge forward in the story.

The artwork was very pleasing to me for the most part. The lighting and angles reminded me constantly of Firefly, and thus hearkened to more than one of my space opera obsessions. I liked that. Luke’s constant look of hapless confusion was spot-on. I kind of wondered at Han’s face, though; I felt he hardly resembled that favorite crush-worthy roguish hero. I also thought that IG-88’s thoughts were awfully sassy, even by Star Wars droids standards, but then again, he’s never been a favorite of mine, so what do I know? Still, I’d always expect a droid’s (especially a bounty hunter droid’s) internal monologue to be much more… calculated. All said, I was thoroughly pleased with this little throwback to the classic trilogy, and I really look forward to the conclusion of the story.


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