Wasteland Chic: Lola XOXO #3


APR140889Lola is starting to understand that her caretaker, Conrad, was right when he described the Wastelands. In a future following a nuclear terrorist attack, Lola has grown up among the gentler ruffians and those struggling to recreate a form of society. However, outside the borders, the Wasteland is a place of danger and murder. Lola is working to pay off a debt she caused after destroying a bar in a fight with men who meant her harm. Conrad is unable to release her without paying the debt, and all help within society has turned against him. Lola continues to learn about the Wasteland and attempts to find allies, even as she is surrounded by unknown creatures.

Siya Oum’s art is stunningly beautiful. Though the character Lola is at times vapid, her wasteland outfits are somewhat elaborate when called for. Other times, she is instructed to put on clothing due to her rather lax attitude in covering up in the desert. The settings are well imagined and Siya Oum puts in incredible detail. The story is a bit of a slow starter, as well as predictable, but the art makes turning page after page worth the effort.

Lola XOXO #3 is a beautiful book to look at. The costumes would be worth cosplaying. Fans of Firefly and other post-Apocalyptic works will enjoy Lola XOXO #3.

Lola XOXO #3 is available now from Aspen Press.


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