Bedtime Tales Take a Gruesome Turn in The Asylum of Fairy-tale Creatures


cover49675-smallBlood Red Riding Hood is being blamed for the murder of her grandmother. Despite protests that a wolf was responsible, Red finds herself carted off to The Asylum for Fairy-tale Creatures. Filled with guards who have had their eyes and mouths pinned shut, as well as a variety of other famous fairy tale heroines, the asylum is a scary place indeed.

Sebastian Gregory’s The Asylum for Fairy-tale Creatures reads like the deranged imagining of a parent who is intentionally trying to mentally abuse their child. The mental images are graphic and no fairy-tale character is safe. Snow White has a hatchet. Thumbelina becomes a patchwork girl. The Asylum itself is described much like Bedlam (Bethlehem) Hospital and a Victorian sitting parlor combined. It is deeply unsettling, and yet the reader feels the need to follow the story through for the sake of Red and her fellow patients of Grimm.

For horror fans who like their fiction dripping with blood and flecked with leeches, this short novella is gruesomely delightful.

The Asylum for Fairy-tale Creatures is now available.


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