Childhood Love Letters to Film: Reel Love


REEL LOVE COVERHuddled down in the darkened theater with his father, a young boy experiences his first moments at the movies. So begins Reel Love: Act One by Owen Michael Johnson. Despite an initial shock, the boy finds himself enthralled by the local cinema and quickly embraces all it has to offer. From dreaming of a world in Star Wars-vision to creating his own monster movie, the boy learns the difficulty of pursuing your passion when those around you can’t see the true value of it. 

Reel Love is a far different graphic novel from Owen Michael Johnson’s first, Raygun Roads.  Raygun Roads, was an indepth colorful look at unemployment and the sexualized power of pop culture on the youth mind. Johnson is smart, and constructs his graphic novels carefully. The art of Reel Love is thoughtful and carefully crafted, like the editing process of a film. The final version is a beautifully composed black and white illustrated love letter to childhood and film.

Reel Love is a book all ages can enjoy, and as the reader grows as a person they will grow with this book. A child will view the movie experience as an adventure, while an adult will relate to the feeling of growing up and seeking a dream. Owen Michael Johnson’s Reel Love is worth the time of an extra reading.

Reel Love is available from Dogooder Comics.


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