Geek Tweets of the Week: July 11, 2014


Check him out! Meeeee-ow!

I would wear this EVERYDAY!

Now this is a workout regimen I can get behind.

Female colorists and letterer wanted!

Marvel picks a fan of the week! Way to go @kidanarchy2105n! Comic books
are great for beginning and advanced readers!

Who needs flying monkeys? I am getting a whole army of aerial cats! Onward to victory!

I know we already posted something on this, but encase you missed it. DC
is NAILING IT with this redesign for a new Batgirl run.

A great Geek Mom blogger visits Reading Rainbow to discuss growing up geek and raising strong geek kiddos.

They are cute AND I can outrun zombies in them.

STRAIN is only a couple days away from it’s big debut on FX and Dark Horse wants to make sure you are ready.

Welp, this has gone terribly wrong

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