Bee Women and Space Prisons- Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight Double Feature


22750If you aren’t a fan of the Grindhouse genre- the bloody, crude, rude, women of questionable morals and deeply disturbing realm of late night films- I advise you put away this review now and pretend you never heard of Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight Double Feature. You will be offended. You will be disturbed. You will endure lesbian waitresses becoming Bee Vixens from Mars.  With two different stories, Grindhouse is designed to be one of the classic films in graphic novel form and boy howdy does it deliver on it’s promise. In a small southern town, women are starting to become man killing bee women. A eye-patched woman with a motorcycle is the only one left to take them down. In the second story, take place on the Prison Ship Antares; it should come to no surprise that this story takes place on a prison ship in space. Women in prison showers is about the most important thing that comes out of that.

Grindhouse is gritty and lives up to its namesake genre. The stories are not politically correct and often ramble. The art is gruesome and violent, but the fake cover for different movies are hilariously worth a look. So many motorcycles. So many stripclubs. So much unnecessary nudity.  It takes a special reader, but Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight is a Double Feature for the freak at heart.


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