Dragon Girl and the Monkey King: The Art of Katsuya Terada


dragongirlThere is this wonderful sense of excitement when you see art that freezes your focus on it. Each of the pages contained something that made me pause. Whether it was the distant but sad eyes, the ethereal movements, or  the subject matter, I felt attached to each page somehow. Even the ones that were really weird or scary.

Terada’s style has this way of lulling me until I notice some crazy detail like a parasite exploding from a person’s head as people are descending an escalator. Jarring but it’s still a beautiful print. Not sure what that means for my psyche but I still enjoyed looking at it.

Katsuya Terada is well known for doing character designs for Hellboy (one of his artwork was the inspiration for a Hellboy bust figure). There are at least one hundred pages of art that overshadow the amazing art he did for Hellboy. This man has amazing imagination.

Of all the artwork my favorite was the dragon with the little girl scrawling a Hello Kitty symbol on it’s body. Whatever message that is trying to convey, it just strikes me as adorable and reminiscent of own childhood antics.

For those that are fans of the FABLES cover art or Hellboy, I would highly recommend this graphic novel.




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