Ghost #6: Bringing Death from the Afterlife


23862Elsa is dead; well sort of. After a brutal death and an inexpicable retrieval from hell, she continues life writing articles on the side and taking out Chicago’s bad guys. Ghost #6 begins with a little assistance from a friend. With the help of a former Ghost Hunting Show Host, Tommy Byers, Ghost discovers that a creepy late night movie host on television might be serving up more than just horror movies. Captured by Von Ghastly himself, Elsa quickly discovers that her ability to ghost out of the situation is null and void in the creep’s television dungeon studio. With some outside help, Elsa must find her way out of the dungeon and shut down Von Ghastly for good.

The original run of Ghost in the 1990’s was a source of joy for me. The revival of Ghost, this issue written by Chris Sebela, is filled with not only a twisted mystery, but also the damaged history of Elsa and what she is now. Even years later, the issue felt easy to pick up and read out of sequence. Jan Duursema has managed to capture the figure of Ghost well. Think of X-Men’s Emma Frost, but with far more clothes and dark hair. The white body suit and cape are the sort of things cosplayers dream of. Dan Parson and Dan Jackson bring it home with their inking and coloration work respectively. Ghost is a moody comic, and they keep that going.

Issue #6 of Ghost keeps the noir feel with comic book hero flair. Ghost is strong and will keep me comic back issue after issue.


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