Witchfinder Issue #2: Mysteries of Unland


22940Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland #2 begins in the year 1881. Mystery and murder lurk about in a strange town called Hallam, Somerset. Sometime in the first issue a man named Neal was murdered. This is the second issue so who this man is a mystery (for now). It can be deduced that he must have been very important since Sir Edward Grey, occult detective, was called in to investigate. With the issue starting off with an aftermath of an attack on Sir Grey, I can deduce that someone (or something) does not want him to dig any deeper.
Keen fans will note that we have seen Sir Edward Grey before in the Hellboy universe. As someone who has not read it (yet), the significance was imparted after reading the comic. As a standalone series this offers much in the horror and squirmy feeling power. There is the faintest of clues peeking out from various panels that Hallem is not what it seems. Clues of the slimy, tentacle variety.
After completing the issue, I have added eels to my creepy way to die list.



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