The Tenth Doctor Returns with Titan Comics


10D_01_Cover_A_RGB_PREVIEWS_WEB_BC.jpg.size-600The Tenth Doctor is back, thanks to Titan Comics. The Timelord finds himself back in New York City and in trouble, as usual. Gabriella is working far too hard for a student. Running her parent’s laundromat and working their restaurant, Gabriella spends her nights taking accounting classes so she can further helps her parents. When a strange occurrence trashes the laundromat, she finds herself attempting to defend herself to her parents. Meanwhile her sister serves a meal to a strange dark haired man who is deeply interested in the responses of his small machine. The Doctor is responding to strange sightings in the local area. It is only a matter of time before the two cross, but will it be soon enough to keep Gabriella safe?

Nick Abadzis tells a story that feels reminiscent of The Satan Pit episode of the Tenth Doctor’s run on Doctor Who. The story is atmospheric and creepy, with visions of dead relatives and monstrously deformed children. Elena Casagrande’s artwork was a welcome sight. After her run in the previous IDW incarnation of the Doctor Who comics, Casagrande’s work was seen in Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #10 and she has been a favorite of mine ever since.

The Tenth Doctor story line is off to a strong start and fans who miss Tennant’s run as the Doctor may find themselves falling back into step with the Timelord in trainers. The Doctor is in good hands with Titan Comics.

The Tenth Doctor #1 is available July 23, 2014 from Titan Comics.


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